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In order to provide a cultural outlet for our talented youth we implemented our talent initiative called “No Cap Open Mic Series”. NCOMS gives teenage youth the opportunity to perform in front of their peers. NCOMS is indeed an open mic competition but it also gives teens the opportunity to get the full experience of a talent showcase. We are reaching out to local major record labels to invite their talent scouts to NCOMS to give the youth more encouragement. If you are or know of someone that maybe interested in performing please read the Quick Rules section below, complete or have them complete the below sign-up form and pay their performance fee in order to secure an available time slot.


  • Performers must be 16 to 20 years of age. High School Aged
  • No more than 2-3 artists allowed on stage. Dance crews may be larger
  • Artists/Group must have tracks ‘Show-Ready’ to perform and in MP3 format.
  • Music file must be emailed to #HangOutz prior to show starting or on a USB drive. (No CD’s, Cassette Tapes, Vinyl, 45s or 8 track)
  • No Nudity Allowed. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times
  • Dropping Microphone is completely Prohibited and will result in complete disqualification.
  • Rehearsal is encouraged. Rehearsals times are available to artist/groups that have paid performance fee and can be made during the week (Tuesday – Thursday) by appointment only.
  • Parents/Adults 21 years or older will NOT be allowed to enter facility for safety reasons
    • 7 minute set ($10 for Single Performer)
    • 10 minute set ($20 for Single Performer)
    • 7 minute set ($30 for Group Performer 2-3max)
    • 10 minute set ($40 for Group Performer 2-3 max)
    • $5 Discount for every 10 paying customers artist/group brings with them.
    • Time slots ARE NOT guaranteed
    • Limited Slots Available
    • Slots are 1st come 1st served
    • Sign-Ups will end promptly at 10pm. No late entries will be accepted.
    • All performance fees must be paid before a slot can be secured
    • Time is everything.
    • We encourage all acts to check-in 30 minutes before start of show at 10pm. No matter the performance time slot chosen.
    • If you fail to be on-time you will forfeit your slot AND performance fee.
    • A Mandatory meeting will be held before show starts.

Sign-Up Form

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