Our Stance

#HangOutz is the premier place for high school-aged teens to socialize with friends and be themselves.

The idea of #HangOutz came to fruition when the founder noticed a void in Gwinnett County. He noticed there was a fun safe haven for elementary school kids and a nightlife setting for adults throughout the county but nothing for the teenage adolescents.

“Our stance is simple. Provide a dope, safe haven for our youth.” We are not an athletic team or just a teen dance club or even a youth center. We also focus on the artistic talents of our youth and give them a place to showcase. #HangOutz is open on weekends for private and public parties and events with live DJ and/or sometimes art exhibits or showcases.

# HangOutz’s ultimate goal is to be the first thought on teens’ minds when asked “What are you guys doing this weekend?”. We want to be the #1 answer to these questions. We want to be “The Maxx” for the Zacks, Slaters and Screechs of today, the “Al’s Diner” for the 2020 Fonzie, the “Mighty Weenie” for the Eddie and Urkels and the list can go on.

Browse our Imagery page to get a better feel for our establishment and atmosphere. Contact Us if you have any questions.

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